University of Tokyo will offer engineering courses in the metaverse

The education of the future is here, throughout the metaverse. The University of Tokyo has already signed up for this path and will offer engineering courses with this technology

The metaverse offers a range of possibilities in all areas of human development. Education is, of course, one of them. And Tokyo has already taken the lead in going into this universe to offer engineering courses in the metaverse.

The University of Tokyo plans to launch these courses at the end of this school year. They will be aimed at young high school students as well as those who are already part of the labor market.

“The fundamental objective is that they can understand the fundamentals of metaverse studies,” they point out from the university. Young people will be able to familiarize themselves with engineering subjects and will also be able to combine this knowledge with the skills to manage worlds based on metaverses.

It is important to highlight that the programs will be developed in the metaverse itself by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo. Graduate schools related to the discipline will also participate.

It has been clarified that a degree will not be offered for these courses, but a diploma will be awarded, since they will be freely accessible to an audience outside the campus. Even students from other universities will have access to the courses through the Tokyo University metaverse.

“A main goal of the project is to address the shortage of skilled personnel to handle digital transformation and keep pace with rapid changes in advanced technologies,” according to the academics.


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