Unemployment in the United States increased to 3.9 % in February

The increase of two tenths during the month of February in the unemployment rate in the United States, to stand at 3.9 %, keeps the labor market alert

The unemployment rate in the United States increased two tenths in February, compared to the previous month, to stand at 3.9 %. This is the largest increase since January 2022.

Despite the creation of 275,000 new jobs, in the North American country the employment outlook seems uncertain, since according to analysts reality collides with the “expectations of a resilient labor market.”

The analysis of the situation concludes that Hispanic workers are the most affected by the increase in unemployment, since the rate in this population remained at 5 %, unchanged since January.

It is estimated that “the private sector was primarily responsible for job creation in February, with an increase of 223,000 jobs, while the government sector contributed another 52,000 jobs.”

Against this backdrop, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has sought to minimize the impact of rising unemployment, noting that American citizens “receive solid wage increases that exceed inflation.” However, according to analysts, “the labor market could be beginning to show signs of weakness.”


Source: elimpulso

(Reference image source: Unsplash, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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