Two men arrested in Japan for trying to steal Yu-Gi-Oh! cards valued at more than USD 33,000

The world of entertainment does not escape criminals. Two men were arrested in Japan for stealing Yu-Gi-Oh! cards which amounts to USD 33,000

The Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are expensive and criminals know it. Two men were recently arrested in Japan for a theft amounting to USD 33,000 in these entertainment cards.

Those involved in the incident are Sora Takashino and Kanta Sanmi, two Japanese men, who tried to steal the cards from the popular franchise.

This is an incident that occurred on March 13 in the town of Akihabara, Japan. As the events have been described, “one of the 22-year-old men entered the Fukufuku store”, specializing in collectible cards. “He asked to see an expensive letter outside the display case, and that’s when he tried to escape.”

Officers from Investigation Division 3 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department foiled the criminal act and managed to arrest those involved in the attempted theft of one of the “rarest and most sought-after cards in the franchise: the Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, which was offered in Fukufuku in exchange for YSD 33,000.

The subject who tried to steal the card argued that he decided to commit the crime because he needed money to cover his basic and entertainment needs. His accomplice, who was waiting for him in a vehicle to escape from the scene, defended himself by saying that he did not know his friend’s intentions.


Source: levelup

(Reference image source: Erik Mclean en Unsplash)

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