Twitter renews content presentation

The most used social messaging network in the world is testing in its beta version new features that allow to visualize the answers in different colors and with a design of rounded shapes in each of the messages

Twitter is still one of the main social networks of instant messaging in the world despite the sharp drop in popularity it has been going on for a few years.

In an effort to maintain its popularity, Twitter’s creator Jack Dorsay launched a redesign called Twttr that involves different colors to visualize the answers, with a more rounded typography, in addition to the elimination of the functions of RT and FAV.

Although the innovation is in its beta phase, it seems a solution for users with more years using the messaging network so they can continue to enjoy the old format.

Twtrr is the test platform with new functions, currently accessible for an average of 2,000 users, mainly English and Japanese.

The registration process to be a “beta tester” is still open, so those interested in trying the new features can get access through the survey website, and then download the application independently as indicated.


Fuente: Marketing4Ecommerce

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