Trojan for iOS that collects facial recognition data discovered

Cinesecurity company Group-IB recently discovered the first iOS Trojan that steals facial recognition data to execute banking fraud

The Group-IB company discovered the first Trojan designed for iOS. It is executed by stealing users’ facial recognition data to commit banking fraud.

According to the cybersecurity company, the mobile Trojan they recently discovered was called GoldPickaxe.iOS. “It is extremely rare and is specifically aimed at iOS users,” they have indicated.

In October last year, the firm’s specialists discovered an Android Trojan called GoldDigger, “targeting more than 50 financial institutions in Vietnam,” according to the report at the time.

In the case of the GoldPickaxe.iOS Trojan, they have stated that it is part of the GoldPickaxe family, “which includes versions for iOS and Android, and is based on the aforementioned Android Trojan. Its activity is based on collecting facial recognition data, as well as identity document data, in addition to intercepting SMS.

As Group-IB indicates, digital criminals can create deepfakes with stolen biometric data through artificial intelligence-based face-swapping services.

The data stolen in this process allows them to illegally access users’ bank accounts, which has become a new method of financial theft.

The reach of the Trojan, which at the moment seems to be concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, can expand to other latitudes if effective online security measures are not taken against this cyber threat.


Source: googlediscovery

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Mariia Shalabaieva)

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