Collectable cryptocurrency of F1 was sold with ether

An investor nicknamed "09E282" paid more than USD 113,000 using ethereum for a chip tied to a virtual F1 racing car

It seems someone wanted a fully improved virtual car for a game that according to the firm is a “F1 game with official license.”

The racing game is called F1 Delta Time and was developed by Animoca Brands, a company that licenses popular characters and properties.

It is worth noting that F1 Delta Time is a platform based on blockchain that carries the official seal of approval of the company that controls the F1 races. The car was the first product available for purchase in the game and was traded through a auction.

While games based on digital currencies like F1 Delta Time are new and interesting ways to use distributed technology. This investment is so extravagant that for many it seems suspicious.

F1 Delta Time is a game barely known. It has only 1.291 followers on Twitter. The account was created in January of this year and is linked to such a recognized organization with as many fans as F1.

The non-fungible token (NFT) that represents the imaginary racing car was created by ethereum under the ERC-721 standard.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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