TikTok added “dislike” button for comments

The Chinese social network introduced a new improvement that aims to combat the harassment that is sometimes seen from the comments

TikTok introduced in the social network the button that allows you to indicate “I do not like“, which is now available globally in order to relegate comments that users consider irrelevant or inappropriate.

The new button began its deployment for the entire user base of the social network, as another moderation tool, which will help the platform discover potential spam, trolling or hate speech content.

Users will be able to indicate that a comment seems inappropriate or irrelevant by marking the button with the thumbs down, or unmark it if they change their mind, as collected in Engadget. In any case, the count of “dislikes” will not be public to prevent harassment or targeted attacks organized by user groups.

This improvement was first tested, along with new notifications for creators to let them know there are controls in the platform to filter, block, and remove comments.

K. Tovar

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Source: Hipertextual

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