TikTok adds new security measures for kids

The Chinese social network created the digital wellness option so parents can decide who their children talk to

The Chinese music social network Tiktok presented two new security and digital welfare measures for its users, focusing on the youngest, o the parents can decide who writes to their children or restrict the content they can see.

TikTok added the family security mode and a screen time management function on the wall for proper use of the platform.

Family safety mode allows parents and guardians to keep their children safe on the social network, as explained by the company in a statement. With this function it is possible to link the parents’ TikTok account with that of their child to control the “digital well-being” functions.

Among other things, with this new measure, parents and guardians will be able to decide who sends messages to their children’s account, completely deactivate direct messages or restrict the appearance of content that may be inappropriate.

Also, TikTok added the management of screen time on the wall, a new feature that allows people to set limits on the time they spend watching content on the wall of the social network every day.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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