The US created 467 thousand new job vacancies in January

Several reports highlight that the US increased 467 thousand new job vacancies in January, exceeding projections made due to the pandemic

The US Department of Labor published a report reporting that the country opened some 467,000 new job vacancies during the month of January, greatly increasing the projections made by economists, who estimated some 150,000 jobs.

In a survey previously carried out by Dow Jones, different economic analysts expressed their pessimism regarding the work environment, due to the impact that the pandemic is having on the economy. Especially with the development and expansion of the omicron variant of Covid-19, which seemed to enter one of its most important peaks after the Christmas celebrations.

The increase in job vacancies presents an excellent outlook for the local economy of the United States, which since last year has maintained an unemployment rate of around 4 %. However, with the increase in these new places, the projections improve positively.

Job vacancies as an indicator for the FED

One of the variables that worries the US Federal Reserve (FED) is the increase in inflation levels, but the reactivation of the labor market has become an excellent indicator for the institution.

Some analysts consider that it is a very good sign for the FED because as of March the institution plans to begin modifying some measures that it has implemented as a result of the pandemic. The following are some of the most relevant: significantly reduce the capital destined for repurchase of sovereign bonds, in addition to increasing bank interest rates, which have remained close to 0 since 2020, and reducing the economic support that is impacting inflation levels.

Concern in the crypto market

The crypto market could be impacted if the FED executes the aforementioned measures because it would represent less liquidity for the digital currency ecosystem, especially for Bitcoin due to the lack of financial instruments that offer greater exposure to more traditional investors.

Joel Kruger, market strategist at LMAX Digital, noted: “The data suggests that the Fed will have to be more aggressive with rate hikes…this juncture will continue to have a negative impact on cryptocurrencies for the time being.”

Despite the negative expectations that analysts have for the crypto market, the price of cryptocurrencies has increased in recent days, particularly Bitcoin, which exceeds 40 thousand dollars.

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