Microsoft pauses purchase of TikTok after possible US veto

The technological multinational stopped conversations with the Bytedance company due to the measure implemented by Donald Trump

The company Microsoft stopped talks with the company Bytedance, on the purchase of the popular Chinese social network TikTok, after the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced a possible veto to the platform.

It is unknown at what point the negotiations were, but according to the Wall Sreet Journal, which attributes the information to sources familiar with the matter, the pause does not mean that these conversations have been brought to an end.

Trump announced his intention to ban the TikTok social network in the country, which Washington views with suspicion for reasons of national security. Following the president’s decision, TikTok general manager in the US, Vanessa Pappas, assured her users that she has no plans to “go anywhere.”

Pappas also reported the creation of 10,000 jobs in the next three years, which will add to the 1,500 workers they already have in the United States, but it is unknown if that will change the president’s position.

He further claims that as part of the negotiations with Microsoft, the founder of Bytedance Ltd., Zhang Yiming, also agreed to sell his stake in TikTok.


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