The person behind the big Etc Cloud LTD scam: Who is Ryan Collado Cruz?

Dozens of cryptocurrency scams have occurred in the United Kingdom, setting off alarm bells for the authorities

In the world of online investing, the promise of high returns with minimal risk is a seductive lure that has ensnared countless people around the world. ETC CLOUD LTD emerged as a ray of hope for many, offering a staggering 2.7% daily compound interest on investments made in USDT. This scheme, which is promoted as a partner of the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance and is run by a London-based director supposedly based in the Philippines named Ryan Collado Cruz, who painted a picture of legitimacy and prosperity.,+Ryan+Collado,+London/vy3

Source: Mr Ryan Collado Cruz (Etc Cloud Computing Management Co., Ltd) – Director Profile – Endole

Company with address 10 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 7AP, United Kingdom, has the website designed to be used from mobile devices with react and vue.js technology where people could register and then recharge money under the promise of earning profits in USDT through compound interest. It turns out that this is a Ponzi scheme, meticulously designed to take many people’s money.


They used the email [email protected] to commit scams and the Instagram account


ETC CLOUD LTD’s sophisticated presentation and strategic use of social media platforms, beneath the veneer of technological advancement and financial acumen lurks a classic Ponzi scheme structure, preying on the hopes and savings of unsuspecting victims, with a significant number reported in Venezuela.

Telegram groups used to scam and manipulate:


With a team of scammers and manipulators who, through false withdrawals and displays of a successful career at ETC Cloud LTD, stimulated the greed and trust of the victims so that they would deposit money into the platform. Among the members of that team is Rosalinda with the phone. from Spain +34 675 617 077, Louis and Matt.

Scammer Rosalinda: phone from Spain +34 675 617 077

Louis, scammer from ETC Cloud LTD

Several people have made videos on YouTube Channels warning other users about the scam so that they do not deposit more money in the ECT Cloud LTD accounts because they are going to lose money, since these are users of the platform who have been scammed and their only resource has been to spread information about this great scam internationally.

Here are several of the videos:

Here are some social media accounts used to scam and manipulate:

People who have been involved with ETC Cloud LTD who were able to help in the big scam:

Kevin Aguilar

The alleged ETC offer:

ETC is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and has launched a series of products, including the largest cryptocurrency transaction management platform. Our mission is to become a global cryptocurrency infrastructure provider in the future. ETC serves as a global energy cloud computing management platform and builds an intelligent cloud computing management platform. At present, ETC and Bi’an have reached a common framework agreement, and Bi’an has launched TRX pledge conversion. As the world’s first energy conversion platform for managing Bi’an, ETC gathers global energy users on the ETC cloud computing management platform and achieves a win-win cloud computing management platform for all three parties. The ETC platform was established in 2021. After a long period of market research and development, Ryan Corrado Cruz and his core team members officially launched the ETC app cloud computing management platform in 2023. ETC app license:

Message from administrators on Telegram:

Possible collaborator:

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