Venezuela willing to export gas and oil to the EU

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, indicated at a press conference that the country is capable of exporting gas and hydrocarbons to countries that require it

Venezuela would be able to export gas and oil to countries that require it, mainly to Europe, to face the arrival of winter and the crisis generated by the suspension of supplies of these items from Russia.

As will be recalled, the EU sanctions against Russia for the war with Ukraine caused Putin to make the decision to suspend the supply of gas and oil to the countries of the European bloc.

These have been forced to reduce electricity, gas and fuel consumption. However, winter is approaching, a time during which homes and other spaces require more heating. The lack of supply from Russia could cause a crisis.

Nicolás Maduro strengthens himself precisely in this circumstance to offer from Venezuela the export to the European Union of gas and hydrocarbons.


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