The fortune of Carlos III exceeds $2,000 million dollars

The next king of the United Kingdom has, thanks to the inheritance, a significant sum of millions of dollars

The next king, Carlos III, has assets with an estimated value of 2.2 billion dollars before his coronation, enriching himself significantly. These assets include property, jewelry, investments, horses, cars, artwork, and rare stamps, among others. Thanks to an agreement signed in 1993 that covers the legacies of the sovereigns, the new king will not have to pay the 40% inheritance tax.

Although Buckingham Palace has refused to provide any information on the next monarch’s fortune, it has insisted that his wealth remains “private”. Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are two of the official residences of Carlos III, since they are part of the Crown Estate, whose value is estimated at around 19,466 million dollars.

Although these properties are not the king’s private property, he has the right to reside in them as long as he occupies the throne. As reported by The National News, the monarch will not be allowed to sell or give away these properties.

K. Tovar

Source: Descifrado

(Reference image source: Pepi Stojanovski, Unsplash)

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