Public services once again have free access to the Twitter API

The social network announced that public service accounts can use this again

Twitter announced that verified public or government service accounts can reuse the social network’s API for free to ensure public utility purposes, such as emergency notifications or public transportation updates.

The platform led by Elon Musk began to restrict access to its application programming interface (API) at the beginning of April, preventing developers from creating complementary applications to this social network with the ability to interact with its content for free.

After the cessation of this service, in order to use the API, interested developers must do so through one of the options of the new platform system, which has three levels. It is, on the one hand, the free level for write-only use and to test the API and, on the other hand, two payment levels: the Basic for 100 euros per month and the one focused on companies.

However, Twitter indicated that verifiedpublicly owned or government service accounts are once again having access to the API to perform their public reporting functions for free.

This is because, as the social network has explained through a post on the Twitter Dev account, one of the “most important” use cases for the Twitter API “has always been public utility.”

Based on this, the platform intends that relevant information such as emergency notifications, weather alerts and transportation updates can be useful to users through its applications using the Twitter API.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: freestocks, Unsaplash)

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