The Arcade, Google Cloud’s new bet to learn from generative AI

Google Cloud launched its new tool to learn about artificial intelligence. It is called The Arcade and will allow us to overcome challenges, deepening our knowledge and use of the cloud with generative AI

Google Cloud has a new tool that will allow users to enter the world of artificial intelligence. This is the free game The Arcade, based on generative AI, with different levels and challenges.

According to the technology giant, although the game is more aimed at engineers and developers, it is still a valuable tool for anyone interested in learning about AI, its applications and challenges in the cloud.

The Arcade “also has a space aesthetic that is highly reminiscent of arcade classics from the late ’70s and early ’80s, such as Space Invaders and similar titles.”

The game is an added service from Google Cloud to delve deeper into the service offered to users. The content of the platform will be on varied topics, framed in a friendly and fun environment, allowing those interested to deepen their knowledge of the cloud and optimize their use of it.

The Arcade will include a new game every month, with the support of generative AI laboratories, so that users can continue perfecting their knowledge with each challenge posed.


Source: Computerhoy

(Reference image source: @googlemexico, X)

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