Google integrates AI in the Android 15 beta 2 update

The Android 15 beta 2 update with functions based on artificial intelligence is planned for autumn 2024

Google announced this week the fall update of Android 15 beta 2. The new functions will be based on artificial intelligence to provide greater efficiency and speed to users.

The date is not yet known, it is only known that the update to Android 15 will be in the fall. According to technology executives, the operating system “will integrate artificial intelligence in all its layers,” together with other innovations aimed at improving the mobile experience or security.

“The camera is going to be one of the stars of Android 15 Beta 2, with new features to gain more direct control over the camera hardware and AI algorithms.”

It also allows you to manually apply an HDR adjustment following each user’s preferences or to make it more natural. This is coupled with a new exposure mode in low light conditions.

With the update to Android 15, the “satellite connection functions will improve in emergency situations, with new options in the interface to make it easier to use.”

Although it is still early to know the details of the update, it is known that it will be available for Pixel phones, from Pixel 6 onwards. Those interested can download Android 15 Beta 2 now through the Android Developers page.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: Denny Müller in Unsplash)

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