Thanks to PagoDirecto, Paseo El Hatillo will have the first fully digital parking lot

"Come and be part of the future that is already here," Presentation by Yerardy Montoya and Adrián Lara

Through a brief statement, the Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios (FVI) shares the following invitation and information advance.

Paseo El Hatillo will become the first digital parking lot in the country thanks to the technological innovation offered by PagoDirecto.

“We invite you to learn more about the service this Friday, October 15, in the central plaza of the Paseo El Hatillo Shopping Center at 4:00 p.m.”

The invitation states: “Come and be part of the future that is already here”, in the company of the presenters Yerardy Montoya and Adrián Lara.

G. Febres

With information from the FVI

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