Tesla becomes America’s most valuable company

The automobile company surpassed Boeing, with a capitalization for this Wednesday of approximately 2,000 million dollars

Tesla automaker became the most valuable industrial company in the United States, after tracing a new milestone in the electric vehicle maker’s recovery this year and surpassing Boeing’s stock value.

Tesla’s market capitalization surpassed that of Boeing by approximately more than $ 2 billion, in the afternoon hours of this Wednesday.

Boeing shares, which have plummeted amid concerns about the coronavirus and the status of its 737 Max model, fell more than 13%, at the intraday low since July 2017 to $ 199 per share, putting the total value of the company in 102,000 million dollars.

Tesla’s shares increased in value more than 50% this year, to $ 632 and a total company value of $ 118,616 million after two consecutive quarters, earning more than expected profit.

The company topped Volkswagen in market value for the first time in January and is now the second most valuable automaker, behind Toyota.

K. Tovar

Source: La Tercera

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