Telegram gets strong in the face of violent messages

The messaging network reported that last week it closed hundreds of public calls, which were related to the assault on the Capitol in the United States

Telegram reported that the platform’s policies do not allow content that incites to harm others and in the American context, only last week closed “hundreds of public calls to violence.”

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, said in a publication that the platform “welcomes peaceful debate and protest,” but prohibits “the explicit distribution of public calls to violence,” as stated in the service’s policies.

In recent weeks, with the United States in the background, the company was aware of the activity carried out on its platform, as a result of the increase in complaints made by users about content from the American country.

Durov assures that the Telegram team “acted decisively in suppressing US channels that advocated violence.” Last week, moderators closed “hundreds of public calls to violence that could otherwise have reached tens of thousands of subscribers,” which complement the proactive removal of such content.

In this context, the founder of the application has reaffirmed the position of the platform: “Telegram welcomes political debate from all sides of the political spectrum, but will act quickly to stop those who incite people to inflict harm on others.”

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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