Cybercriminals charge up to 20,000 euros for introducing fraudulent applications on Google Play

A group of researchers determined that cybercriminals charge a significant amount of money for illegal apps

A group of researchers warned of the existence of cybercriminals who hire other cybercriminals through the dark web so that they integrate fraudulent applications and malware into official stores such as Google Play, even paying up to 20,000 euros for their services.

Downloading applications has always been a way to install viruses or software on devices, since through them, they can obtain data or spy on the user. Hence, companies and operators recommend downloading them from official stores, such as Google Play or Apple Store.

These e-shops have security filters that determine if they are legitimate services or not and, normally, they monitor the applications before publishing them. Despite this, cases have been identified that have managed to evade the security controls of these stores.

Thus, a group of researchers advanced that a series of cybercriminals is using a series of methods so that these systems cannot detect malicious applications capable of infecting devices and that they manage to publish on official platforms.

In fact, “many examples” of malicious apps have been discovered on Google Play following complaints from affected users, and the most common ‘apps’ to hide ‘malware’ are usually cryptocurrency trackers, financial apps, QR code scanners and including dating-related services.

Source: dpa

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