TCL Introduces OD Zero Mini-LED TV Technology

In the framework of CES 2021 the company has presented a series of TCL 20 smartphones together with the new television technology

At CES 2021, TCL presented its new TCL 20 series of smartphones and the new OD Zero mini-LED TV technology that improves consistency of brightness, contrast and color accuracy.

TCL is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands and the fastest growing in America. The ecosystem that it has developed under the strategy has already reached 300 million users globally, as reported during the press conference held this Monday.

The TV business is one of the most prominent of this company, and this year, TCL introduced the OD Zero mini-LED technology. As explained from TCL, OD Zero is a technology that combines MiniLED backlighting with its vertical integration to offer an ultra-slim profile to offer more consistent brightness, accurate colors and better contrast.

OD Zero represents the optical distance between the MiniLED backlight layer and the LCD screen layer (diffuser plate), which has now been reduced to 0 millimeters to create a high-performance, ultra-thin backlight module.

The company has also shared that it is working on the 17 inch 0.18mm printed OLED flip-out screen, based on TCL CSOT inkjet printing technology, which can be applied in flexible TVs, curved and folding screens and transparent business displays.

Source: dpa

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