Bitcoin falls more than 20% and loses 158 million euros since Friday

After this, the FCA recommended that investors study well the crypto assets that are being advertised with "high profitability"

This Monday, January 11, the price of bitcoin suffered a 20% collapse, after its meteoric rises at the beginning of 2021, which boosted the value of the reference cryptocurrency by 14% so far this year and more than 300% in twelve months, after the UK financial organizer warned of the risk of monetary loss for those who invested in crypto assets, which are offered for their “great profitability”.

According to data from CoinDesk, bitcoin would change for $ 30,862 this Monday, after settling last Friday with a new record of $ 41,962.

Thus, and according to this criterion, the market capitalization of bitcoin would fall to 588,330 million dollars, equivalent to 483,976 million euros, with a decline of at least 192,000 million dollars, that is, 157,944 million euros.

From Europe they invite you to consider risks

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said this Monday through a statement noting that some companies were offering investments in crypto assets, loans and investments and related or linked financing that promised high returns, which certainly “implies taking very high risks with investors’ money ”.

“If consumers invest in these types of products, they must be prepared to lose all their money,” warned the British regulator.

In this way, the FCA recalled that all investments must be studied to understand what is being invested, especially those related to crypto assets, which are unlikely regarding consumers being able to access the services of the investor ombudsman or the compensation fund for services. financial, this in case things do not go as planned.

The regulator insisted that some of these investments in crypto assets that are promoted could not be subject to the rules of anti-blocking regulation, also their high volatility and the difficulty of fixing and stabilizing prices, are one more reason to be considered as possible “high losses” in in terms of risk levels.

G. Febres

With information from dpa

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