T-Mobile partners with Nokia to accelerate the move towards 5G

Negotiation for an amount of 3,500 million dollars seeks to pave the way to the new generation of faster and more reliable cell phones

A recent agreement between T-Mobile and Nokia seeks to lay the groundwork for a new generation of cell phones. The negotiation with a view to 5G technology reached the sum of 3,500 million dollars.

The two giants of smart telephony seek to offer customers beyond their borders greater speed, confidence, efficiency, as well as experiences that involve virtual reality and robotics.

On the other hand, through improvements in their platforms and strategic agreements, both brands seek to comply with the federal standards of 5G technology.

Spokespeople from T-Mobile have indicated that they hope to bring the 5G network to various cities in the United States, including New York and Los Angeles. In turn, industry competitors such as Verizon and AT & T are conducting tests in various locations.

Some of the promises of 5G technology that users expect is faster navigation, in addition to the possibility of connecting more devices simultaneously, which experts predict will be available in 2020.


Source: CNET

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