Venezuelan automotive industry assembled very few vehicles in 2020

During the past year, 40% of the auto parts industries were paralyzed, while three of them were forced to close their operations

The executive president of the Chamber of Venezuelan Manufacturers of Auto Parts (Favenpa), engineer Omar Bautista, pointed out that the reduction of vehicle assembly to almost zero, and the inactivity of the vehicle fleet by 60% due to fuel shortages, have been factors that have severely affected the auto parts industry.

Bautista expressed that he is confident that by 2021, with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, quarantine can be relaxed and working conditions regularized, which would make this year better.

He assures that the situation that is looming for the sector in 2021 is very complex, taking into consideration that the assembly of vehicles in Venezuela practically disappeared and last year only 87 units were assembled, remembering that ten years ago they were assembled per year 104,000 vehicles, while the annual average was 100,000 units.

He added, according to the newspaper El Impulso, that there is an additional problem that affects the sector, which is the imports of auto parts, which has contributed to the fall in domestic demand for this national item, since some imported goods enter without paying taxes, which generates unfair competition.

G. Febres

With information from El Impulso and other national media

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