Sunacrip will carry out inspections in the Venezuelan digital mining

As reported by the Chief of Staff, it is necessary for the authorities to carry out periodic supervision of this activity

The National Superintendency of Crypto Assets and Related Activities (Sunacrip) will supervise digital mining in Venezuela with the help of other security agencies.

The entity reported that the Headquarters of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), issued circular No. 002697 to the Strategic Regions for Integral Development (REDI) and Integral Development Zones (ZODI), which indicates the obligation for officials to be present at the inspections of digital miners in Venezuela.

Therefore, “before carrying out procedures or inspections to the Comprehensive Cryptoactive System”, citizen security institutions must coordinate actions with Sunacrip representatives.

The governing entity will be in charge of preventing actions that threaten the development of cryptoactive activities and that article 49 of the Constituent Decree, on the Integral System of digital currencies is complied with. The norm establishes that the official who obstructs or stops, without a justified reason by this body, the materialization of operations will be sanctioned with imprisonment of three to five years.

K. Tovar

Source: Doblellave

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