Spotify will allow you to create lists without an Internet connection

The streaming application will allow you to download songs based on the latest plays, without the need for the Internet

Spotify reported on a new feature in testing that will automatically create a playlist titled ‘Your offline mix’, for occasions when the user does not have Internet access, and that will include the songs that have been played. recently.

The streaming music playback platform already has a function that allows you to download songs and even complete playlists, so you can listen to them without the need for an Internet connection.

However, these downloads are done manually, selecting the desired songs or ‘playlist’. In addition, it must be done prior to disconnecting the device, since the use of a connection is necessary for the download.

In this framework, Spotify has begun testing a new feature capable of automatically creating a playlist called ‘Your offline mix‘. This playlist will store a mix of songs that the user has recently played and, as the name implies, will be available to play in case of not having an Internet connection.

This was announced by the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, through a post on Twitter, in which he explained that the company is developing this new function designed for “those moments when you may not be online.”

In addition, as defined by the company in the description of the ‘playlist’, shared in a screenshot by Ek, it is a mix of recently played songs for when “the atmosphere is high, but the connection it is low”.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Heidi Fin, Unsplash)

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