Spotify will allow artists to promote themselves in the feed

The streaming music platform launched a tool that will allow artists to promote

Spotify launched a new tool that will allow artists to pay to promote their work, new releases or songs from their catalog, in the home feed of the streaming music application.

Currently, the platform has a feature called Marquee, which allows authors, musicians and composers to target listeners based on their listening history. More specifically, it is a full-screen sponsored recommendation for potential listeners of the free version of Spotify and Spotify Premium.

Spotify seeks to expand the options for creators now with Showcase, which is presented as a sponsored recommendation as a banner in the main interface of the mobile application, that is, “the most visited place” of this service, according to what it said in a release.

The company commented that with Showcase a user is 6 times more likely to play that content and that it gives creators the opportunity to “develop their audience in new and meaningful ways.”

In this way, with Showcase you can highlight music to attract listeners for an upcoming release, a tour or the anniversary of the publication of an album or song, among other cases.

Ads generated with this tool last for 14 days from the start date or until the budget determined by the artist is exhausted, and are created through the ‘Campaigns’ tab of

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Heidi Fin, Unsplash)

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