Spotify starts tests on its voice assistant

The music playback platform wants to offer this tool to all its premium iOS and Android users

Music streaming and podcast app Spotify has started sharing a voice assistance tool with some of its premium iOS and Android users that allows it to search the app by calling out the command “Hey, Spotify.”

The new tool adds the ability to start a voice search while the screen is on and the application is open, as detailed by the media.

At the moment, this has been released for some premium users of the service on iOS and Android systems, whom Spotify is alerting through notifications.

This new form of voice search allows the application exclusively reproduces the content of an artist, a playlist, a podcast or an album. To do this, you must say the command “Hey, Spotify”, then the word “play” followed by the name of the desired artist. Apart from this modality, the service does not add new functionalities outside of the already existing voice search.

In early March, it was announced that the company was testing a voice assistant thanks to the discovery of reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. In addition, since 2019, Spotify prepares a device called ‘Car Thing’ for users to control the operation of the app by voice.

K. Tovar

Source: 20minutos

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