Sports industry clings to cryptocurrencies to gain followers

Virtual currencies are the new ally of sports. They are a source of financing, a means of paying players and a strong alternative for immediate promotion.

The world of finance changed with the birth of cryptocurrencies. The world of sports is no stranger to these exchange tools; in fact, at present, they are strong allies.

But this ‘pact’ is not accidental. The sports industry needed a strong, new and effective way to gain more followers, almost immediately. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the suspension of face-to-face events, this need has become more palpable.

Today it is known, for example, that there are athletes like Lionel Messi, who receive their salary in cryptocurrencies. Or that the stadium of the Los Angeles Lakers team (formerly Staples Center), was acquired by the platform for US $ 700 million, to bear its name for twenty years from 2021. And the fans cannot be left out tokens, which offer a series of VIP services to fans, such as discounts and privileges.


These are just a few examples of the investments that players in the sports industry are making in cryptocurrencies to turn finance around, connect more quickly with the public and achieve greater competition.

Aggressive advertising campaigns and large negotiations in the teams are the basis of the cryptocurrency-sports castling. In fact, there are those who talk about the crypto sport. It is an alliance to achieve the globalization of virtual currencies directly, despite the fluctuation of the price of these assets in the market.

NFTs in sport

In reality, non-fungible tokens in esports could be seen as a gold mine. They allow teams from different disciplines to market unique, non-interchangeable products on the web.

They also allow you to auction and sell items, such as virtual sports shoes. But the list of options runs from the possibility of participating in surveys of different clubs, bets, prizes to player cards and videos, among others. A business that exceeds US$ 2 million.


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