Google removes millions of URLs for leading to pirated content

The company announced that it had taken down millions of pages that led to sites that promoted piracy

Google removed more than 6 billion URLs leading to pirated content from its search results following requests from individuals or entities that did own the copyright.

In its latest report, the technology company ensures that it has removed 6,012,481,649 URLs hosted on 4,045,445 unique domains from the search results, as detailed by the company in its report.

These figures are based on requests from 327,510 copyright owners, who may be individuals or entities, and 333,880 reporting organizations, who acted on behalf of copyright owners.

The company clarifies that not all requests conclude in the removal of the URL from the Search Engine results. Thus, a negative review of a business, criticism of a politician for his performance as a member of the Government or the inclusion of a certain film in a list such as “The worst of XX year” are examples of requests that do not meet the requirements.

Examples shared also include requests that impersonate a person or organization that owns the copyright, for which Google does not remove the URL “due to fraudulent copyright claims.”

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Source: dpa

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