Spain had more than 300 thousand computer crimes in 2021

The Criminality Statistical System (SEC) determined that computer crimes increased by 6.1%

Spain registered more than 305,000 computer crimes in 2021, which is 6.1% more than the data registered in the previous year, according to the Criminality Statistical System (SEC).

This is one of the conclusions recently reached by the General Directorate for Coordination and Studies of the Secretary of State for Security of the Government of Spain, corresponding to the Ministry of the Interior.

This organization published the “IX Report on Cybercrime in Spain“, an analysis that compiles the data recorded by the State Security Forces and Bodies over the past year on computer crime and takes into account the results of organizations such as the SEC and the Office of Cybersecurity Coordination (OCC).

Specifically, the attacks reported in 2021 are taken into account to compare them with previous years and to know the situation of computer crime in Spain, based on the results of surveys carried out by organizations such as the National Institute of Statistics (INE) as well as Europeans (EUROSTAT).

According to the brief, threats to cybersecurity are among the objectives of public institutions, although society must also be aware of the uses it makes of information technologies (ICTs) available in the world.

In this sense, the data compiled by the INE show that, in 2021, the percentage of homes that have a computer and Internet access has increased, compared to 2020. This increase has positioned Spain above the EU average in relation to the percentage of dwellings that have a network and connection.

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Source: dpa

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