Sony to file patent for NFT exchange between games

Sony Interactive Entertainment consolidates its advance in the crypto universe by registering a patent that will allow the exchange of non-fungible tokens between different games

The company Sony Interactive Entertainment, in charge of the PlayStation brand, recently announced an NFT patent that will allow “the transfer and use of digital content on gaming platforms to its patent portfolio”.

According to the company, it will be possible to license NFT ownership to third-party organizations, thus allowing their own use in the simulations and platforms.

When the NFT patent is complete, it will allow PlayStation 5 players to enjoy popular games that include the technology. On the other hand, it will be compatible with devices outside the Sony ecosystem.

Sony’s intention is to test new ways to transfer digital assets, including in non-ecosystem environments such as in the cloud, across tablets, desktops, smartphones and game consoles.

Without a doubt, it will be a new and better experience for video game fans, who will be able to measure their level as well as the accumulation of points and then transfer or sell them in NFT format.


Source: coinunited

(Reference image source: Eugene Chystiakov, Unsplash)

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