Walmart will create new job opportunities

Thanks to its plan to acquire products only manufactured, grown or assembled in the United States, it is expected to employ 750,000 people

The hypermarket chain Walmart, the company with the highest turnover in the world, will allocate 350,000 million dollars to the purchase of products “manufactured, grown or assembled” in the United States over a period of 10 years, according to a statement.

Walmart estimates that the acquisition of these products, intended for sale in its stores, will create 750,000 jobs in the United States over the next few years.

The company detailed that its efforts will focus on six main product categories: plastics, textiles, small appliances, processed food, medical and pharmaceutical goods and products for its own operations not intended for sales.

The president and CEO of Walmart, John Furner, assured that this initiative will also imply a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of about 100 million metric tons, due to the purchase of local products.

K. Tovar


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