Venezuelan Zailú Ochoa is a pioneer in holding a prominent position in the Chilean mining sector

"I have always tried and managed to leave a learning or action plan so that all the procedures work" says the industrial engineer

After 16 years of experience and occupying demanding professional positions, at a key level in regional and national companies, the industrial engineer Zailú Ochoa stands out in the Latin American business sector, being the first Venezuelan woman to hold a position as a Specialist in Anglo American Technical & Sustainability Services Ltd, an important transnational company that operates in 15 countries, including Chile as one of its largest operations in the mining sector.

As a Supply and Contracts Specialist, as well as in the Contracts and Agreements Management Mine-Staff, his work implies the responsibility of leading, managing, coordinating and evaluating supply processes for the main plant of this core of operations, such tasks being a field or segment of management, which demands in addition to an impeccable trajectory, capacity and quality in the exercise, since it constitutes the direct link with a prestigious portfolio of clients that this company has and that positions it as one of the best or most important in the international mining sector.

A trajectory that makes young and well-trained Venezuelan professionals proud

Her discipline, strength, management of interpersonal relationships, leadership and / or negotiation skills, analysis, as well as her tireless proactivity allowed her to be selected through an exhaustive process of three rounds of evaluations were carried out, in which this professional born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, had all the qualities to hold the demanding position, since February 2021.

The Zulian engineer studied in Spain the Official MBA in Energy Business Management

But not everything has been easy, for this Venezuelan graduated from the Rafael Belloso Chacín University in 2005, because before achieving this position, she eagerly assumed responsibility in other minor positions within the industry since 2019, thus experiencing several stages outsourced or outsourced that allowed him to outline his objectives and promotion within an activity led mostly by men.

Ochoa innovated from his field and specialty, improving hiring processes

At the point of ethics, expertise and ease of creating organizational methods with which the systematization of hiring processes that had not been achieved in previous years could be maximized or optimized, he innovated from his field and specialty.

She, along with a work team, led this audit that prompted her to be taken into account by members of the board of directors who found the potential they required to occupy the current important position in this specialized area.

She must carry out or carry out – is her present demand, fundamental challenge or responsibility – the commercial processes of an ideal portfolio of contracts and adjusted to the quality profile of the company, as well as, permanently analyze the markets of national and international suppliers, generate ideas and business opportunities that allow optimizing the costs of business processes, among other activities that improve supply and quality relationships in the services of Anglo American Technical & Sustainability Services Ltd.

“This work makes me proud, because during the years of studies and application of my knowledge in previous jobs, I have always tried and managed to leave a learning or action plan so that all the procedures work,” explained Ochoa.

And it is that his knowledge has always kept pace with the advances registered by the market, in sectors such as: Energy, Mining, Telecommunications and Retail, with comprehensive preparations for the evaluation of industrial projects, among other specialties of management and project planning and research in the industrial area.

Her good training in Venezuela was enhanced with a specialization at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain, where at the Business School he obtained the Official MBA in Energy Business Management.

As well as a diploma in Industrial Project Management at his alma mater, and English language improvement studies at The University of the West Indies Mona Campus in Jamaica.

He currently interacts fluently with the Supply Chain team at the company’s headquarters in London, as well as other English-speaking countries such as South Africa and Canada.

G. Febres

Taken and with information from DOBLE LLAVE

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