Shortage of qualified employees in German commerce increases

A study by the Institute for German Economics published this Sunday revealed the lack of skilled labor in the German retail sector between July 2021 and July 2022

The shortage of skilled workers is also causing increasing problems in retail trade in Germany, which lacked more than 37,000 employees between July 2021 and July 2022, according to a study by the Institute for German Economics (IW) published today.

“This represents an all-time high in the deficit of qualified labor in the retail sector,” reported experts from the center for the promotion of qualified work of the IW, an entity close to the German employers’ association.

The study indicates that almost a third of the vacant positions in the retail sector cannot be filled with skilled workers, and that the greatest difficulties were observed in the optometry and meat sales sectors.

One reason for this is that far fewer people have been trained in the retail industry in the last ten years. The number of unfilled training positions has exceeded the number of applicants throughout the country since 2021.

“This tipping point jeopardizes the security of skilled labor in the retail sector in the long term and suggests that skilled labor shortages in retail occupations will continue to worsen in the future,” the study authors predicted.

Source: dpa

(Photo:, via website)

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