Microsoft will bring Internet to America and Africa

Through an alliance of Microsoft and Viasat, 10 million people in Africa and the Americas will have Internet connection

Through Microsoft’s “AIrbrand” initiative, together with satellite service provider Viasat they hope to expand broadband Internet to ten million people in the Americas and Africa.

Both companies signed a strategic alliance to bring Internet service to some 10 million inhabitants on both continents, and some 210 million globally by 2025.

The agreement is part of the fight for digital equity and the reduction of the gap in this regard between the different continents. They estimate potential strategic partnerships in the technological field, involving the public and private sectors, as well as non-profit organizations.

Microsoft and Viasat have joined forces to use satellite solutions for Internet access in remote regions, with few options. Specialists are participating in the project to delve into Airband’s services in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States, in addition to the expansion of the service to Egypt, Senegal and Angola.

The incorporation of “telemedicine options, distance education, precision agriculture, clean energy” is planned, according to the dpa agency, together with other services to “reach new territories through the transformative provision of energy and connectivity”, they limit.

Aspects such as the online connection, the training of the population in the technological area, as well as the supply of cybersecurity tools will be taken into account.


With information from Europapress, dpa and other international media

(Photo:, via web)

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