Amazon seeks developers for digital currencies project

The e-commerce company announced that it wants to implement these assets as payment methods within its services

The Amazon company is in a process of hiring developers, to work on the implementation of payments with cryptocurrencies within its electronic services.

Since last week Tesla reported on the purchase of 1.5 trillion dollars in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have raised many comments, waiting for the next giant to make a move within this sector.

It seems that Amazon will be the one that is ahead of others, as in the case of Apple, that seemed at first to be the next to take a step forward.

Recently, Amazon’s Emerging Digital Payments (DEP) division has updated a job offer that had initially been launched in October last year. The offer is looking for developers and engineers, from different branches, to work on the development of a payment product related to digital currencies.

Concerning this information, many experts assure that the company would plan to develop its own digital asset and launch it to the Mexican market for initial tests.

K. Tovar


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