Santiago Peña is elected president of Paraguay

The member of the Colorado Party prevailed with a 43 the ballots in the presidential elections of Paraguay

Santiago Peña, candidate of the Colorado Party, was elected this Sunday as the new president of Paraguay, by achieving 43 % of the ballots, according to the Transmission of Preliminary Electoral Results (TREP) system.

“They placed their trust in our hands so that tomorrow we can be better and we will be better. We are all morally obliged to play a role in the place that touches us, only then can we successfully face poverty, corruption and impunity”, stressed the new president.

Peña, who surpassed his main rival, Efraín Alegre, by more than 15 percentage points, who has achieved the support of 27 % of the electorate, thanked the people for trusting in his “conciliatory and patriotic” project, as well as the politicians who They have accompanied, with special mention to the head of his campaign, former President Horacio Cartes, who is under investigation for corruption.

“Horacio, I admire the immensity of your qualified obstinacy for the fate of the Colorado Party. That time, rescuing it from the plain, this time uniting the Colorado family, strengthening their fronts and refunding the concept of a party at the service of the free man“, he declared. in his speech after the electoral victory.

On the other hand, Peña highlighted the three axes with which he is committed to his mandate: social peace, dialogue and reconciliation with the authorities, while acknowledging that he has a great challenge in terms of the country’s economy and security.

“I call for unity and consensus to achieve our destiny of collective well-being and prosperity without exclusions. The time has come to postpone our differences to prioritize the common causes that unite us as a nation,” he said.

K. Tovar

Source: Globovision

(Reference image source: dpa)

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