Sam Altman joins the Microsoft team

After being fired from OpenAI, the Microsoft CEO added the former director of the AI company to his ranks

In a surprise move, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the hiring of Sam Altman, former director and co-founder of artificial intelligence company OpenAI. Altman, along with Greg Brockman and other colleagues, will lead a new advanced AI research team at Microsoft.

Altman’s dismissal on Friday by OpenAI’s board triggered a series of high-level departures at the company, as well as alleged pressure from major investors for his return.

Sam Altman, known for his leading role in launching chatbot ChatGPT, said on the X network: “The mission continues.” His removal as CEO of OpenAI was due to a loss of trust from the board, which argued that he “was not always truthful in his communication”, affecting his ability to fulfill his responsibilities.

OpenAI, structured to advance the mission of benefiting humanity through artificial intelligence, said the decision was made following a deliberative review by the board of directors.

The company statement said: “The board no longer has confidence in his leadership abilities and believes a new approach is needed to advance our mission.”

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

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