Saime announced a dress code to enter its offices

The Administrative Identification and Immigration Service of Venezuela issued a statement announcing a dress code for access to its offices

The Administrative Identification and Immigration Service (Saime) announced this Friday the implementation of a dress code for citizens who come to its offices throughout Venezuela.

It is an audiovisual material in which it is clarified that people who need to carry out procedures in the Saime must avoid wearing informal clothing, otherwise they will not be allowed access and must reschedule their appointments.

According to what was published, “to go to their offices, people should avoid wearing casual clothing such as: shorts, miniskirts, sports pants, leggings, low-cut shirts, short shirts” that reveal the abdomen. Likewise, citizens should avoid “pants with tears.”

The dress code also includes footwear, which must be different from “sandals such as beach shoes or similar”, otherwise access will not be allowed.

Additionally, it is explained that those who wear “caps, hats or motorcycle helmets” will not be able to enter the Saime offices either.


Source: eldiariodeguayana

(Reference image source: Hunters Race, Unsplash)

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