BitBase will install ATMs for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

BitBase is processing the import and installation of 10 ATMs for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela in the last months of 2022

The Spanish company for the purchase and sale of virtual currencies BitBase is negotiating with Venezuelan authorities the importation and installation of 10 ATMs for cryptocurrencies that could come into operation by the end of this year.

The announcement was made by the company’s representative, Enrique De Los Reyes, who assured that the exchange has held meetings with the officials of the country’s National Superintendence of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip) in order to manage all the permits and other requirements established by the regulatory body.

According to the BitBase representative, the project to launch ATMs for cryptocurrencies was approved, but the signing of the agreement has not been finalized due to the novelty of the process in the country.

“Everything is very new, both the Petro and the use of the Digital Bolívar,” indicated De Los Reyes, who said he had no problem negotiating with the Venezuelan cryptocurrency.

Venezuela, BitBase’s gateway to Latin America

The Spanish exchange company aims to “revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry in Latin America” ​​and has selected Venezuela to start due to the impact that the use of cryptoactives has had in the country.

De los Reyes said: “I have always had my eye on Venezuela, but this year, when we have seen the economic boom, I came to find out what is really happening. And we have seen that our future is here, and as a Venezuelan, we want Venezuela to be the country of entry for BitBase in Latin America”.

The statistics handled by the company indicate that in Venezuela transactions are made in cryptocurrencies in the order of 10 thousand dollars per user.

The representative of BitBase expressed that in Spain some 2,500 euros are traded in operations through crypto ATMs and they estimate that in Venezuela the figure is around “1,000 dollars a day”.

M. Rodríguez


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