Síragon will launch six new monitors in Venezuela

The new Síragon products, Ivoo brand, will reach the Venezuelan market to satisfy current technological demands

The Síragon company will launch six new televisions, from the Ivoo brand, to the Venezuelan market, under an executive and high-performance concept.

The new monitors aimed at satisfying market demands are the 5000 series IPS LED Panel, 24′ and 27′, respectively, “belong to the Executive category, created for clients who need to expand their workspace. Ideal for both the home office and the company office.”

According to the announcement, in the same series Síragon will launch 25′ and 27′ monitors with Fast IPS, which, unlike conventional IPS, “allows the liquid crystal of the screen to change up to four times faster, which gives a totally dynamic experience to the user.”

The company will also make its new products available to customers who require equipment where creativity can overcome all limits, such as the 32′ and 24′ LED Panel 1500R VA curved monitors. They are products specially designed for gaming, graphic designers, music producers and all those who recognize themselves as “Creatives”.


Source: hispanopost

(Reference image source: @descifradocom, X)

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