Paxful Argentina will start investing in cryptocurrencies

The company presents a guide to start in the crypto world and its pilot plan will be launched initially in Argentina

With the aim of safeguarding the value of money, Argentina turns to investing in crypto in order to strengthen the digital economy in the nation. It is expected that in the Latin country the investment in crypto in bitcoin, USDT (Tether), ether, DAI and monero will continue.

However, the cryptocurrency that has the largest volume of transactions in Argentina is bitcoin, therefore more and more investors are interested in getting involved in the crypto market in order to avoid official restrictions to access the dollar and as an opportunity to protect the value of your money.

The new trend presented by bitcoin in the first days of 2021 has broken historic highs that exceed $ 40,000, something that has impacted society and becomes tangible when seeing the interest of many people in entering the world of digital currencies.

Paxful Guide for Future Investors

Against this background, the crypto transaction platform, Paxful, offers a guide for future investors in the crypto economy. And best of all, the steps to get started are really simple.

To begin, an account must be created in a cryptocurrency transaction platform such as Paxful, then the user is asked to verify their identity, which is key to guarantee the safety of buyers and sellers and finally, once the account is configured you can start making transactions.


Source: diariobitcoin

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