Paris Blockchain Week will be from April 9 to 11

The French capital will host Paris Blockchain Week, from April 9 to 11, to present topics related to this technology, cryptocurrencies, the challenges of digital finance and the global scenario

The Paris Blockchain Week 2024 will bring together experts in areas related to this technology in the French capital, from April 9 to 11.

The Paris Blockchain Week will allow the meeting of experts from Binance, Circle, Bitpanda, Ledger, Ripple, Polygon, Stellar, Rarible, among others, who will address key aspects connected to cryptocurrencies, decentralized technology, digital finance and their challenges.

The regulatory issue and security of digital assets does not escape this important meeting in the crypto scenario, taking into account the increase in its adoption in the world.

Speakers will be sharing advances in traceability, NFTs, the gaming world; payments, infrastructure and services; investments, wallets, custody and data management as areas in which blockchain technology is directly involved.

Innovation in the financial field, the European scenario and the global challenges for the construction of the decentralized digital system are the main focus of the presentations at this event that will take place in Paris.

Artificial intelligence and its impact on digital finance, as well as recent advances, is also a topic that experts will address at the three-day conference in Paris.


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