Chrome Beta 77 provides new welcome experience

The browser improves the features of the previous version and includes a dark mode for the best experience for the user

Chrome Beta 77 arrives with improvements in the dark mode, with which it allows sites to change the Enter key, offers a new welcome experience, as well as a series of customization options for the page.

Already the Google browser implemented a “Dark Mode”, by including the CSS rule “prefers-color-scheme”, which allows websites to create their own dark theme and adjust it to the brightness settings of the mobile device.

Currently, the platform adds a new feature, called Forced Dark Mode, which will reach the Chrome 77 Beta; according to the source, this function has been greatly improved in the new version.

Sites or applications have a way of highlighting the “Enter” key so that the user knows where to press once he has finished writing something, but this is only possible thanks to a function of the mobile operating system.

However, this condition is about to change, since Chrome 77 releases the “enterkeyhint” attribute, which is nothing more than a property for the browser to customize the “Enter” button according to the style rules assigned by the developer.

L. Sáenz

Source: Tekcrispy

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