PagoDirecto makes the first fully digital parking a reality

Paseo El Hatillo took the lead. Its users will be able to enjoy an innovative experience when entering and exiting their vehicles, thanks to this unique app that allows you to enter, pay and exit the parking lot digitally, without the need to obtain a physical ticket or go through a ticket office to cancel

The company PagoDirecto joined forces and innovative visions, by materializing an alliance with the Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios (FVI) and Bancamiga Banco Universal, which revolutionized the concept of parking in Latin America. It is the case of the Paseo El Hatillo Shopping Center in Caracas, which has 1,500 parking spaces available, that has become the main parking lot in the entire town of El Hatillo, and which from now on will be the first completely digital parking lot.

As it was announced, the information was provided on the afternoon of this October 15 in the middle of an impressive event in the central square of Paseo El Hatillo, in the company of the presenters Yerardy Montoya and Adrián Lara, who were accompanied by the CEO of the FVI, Horacio Velutini.

Background and favorable technological change

This fact settles a before and after in the history of parking lots, and the way in which users have had to adapt to be able to cancel their ticket. Fifty years of evolution starting from payment ticket offices at the departures of these that generated long queues of vehicles, to centralized prepaid ticket offices with new transactional instruments such as the point of sale.

Now, surfing the great wave of the digital age, “we will have at hand a new way to enter, pay and exit the parking lot without the need to interact with third parties.” Giving users the possibility of doing it through an app available for free in the PlayStore or AppStore.

For those who do not have a smartphone, PagoDirecto offers entrances and exits through plate reader cameras and a payment system through smart lockers.

Faced with the pandemic, PagoDirecto has become an ideal digital tool for the comfort and safety of users, avoiding physical contact with ticket dispensers or with people in long lines at traditional ticket offices.

Nature conservation also counts

“The ecological impact is one of the main flags of PagoDirecto as a technological company, innovative and aware of its service and effective operation as an agent of change for the planet. Thanks to digitization, the use of paper caused by each parking lot in the printing and billing of tickets will be reduced, generating a change and a significant benefit for the environment.

In the search to provide more amenities and move towards Digital CaracasPagoDirecto has settled alliances with different businesses, offering its users free parking tickets for consumption in any of them. It has also designed new corporate products for the staff of clinics, offices, airports, hotels, among others.

How does PagoDirecto works?

1.- Enter without having to grab a physical ticket and without lowering the window of your vehicle, stand right next to the PagoDirecto module, select the parking function in the application and press the enter button. The bar will open and you will receive a smartphone ticket.

2.- Pay your smartphone ticket from your phone without going through the box office and without wasting time in long queues.

3.- When you leave, stand right next to the module and press the “exit” button.

Paseo El Hatillo will be the first to have this technology, and soon other parking lots in Caracas will be added. It is expected that by 2022 a large percentage of them in the Venezuelan capital will also be completely or totally digital.

This is also the first of many products that PagoDirecto will be launching in the coming months together with Bancamiga, with whom they share an avant-garde and innovative vision in search of financial and technological solutions for their users and clients, explained the spokespersons of the application.

Both companies, like the Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios, seek to bring Venezuela to the highest level of technological development in solutions that digitize the interaction between users and businesses of any kind.

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G. Febres

With information from PagoDirecto and FVI

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