Oregon studies cryptocurrencies donations for political campaign

The state analyzes the option of receiving donations in digital currency for the Senate elections on November 6

Given the proximity of the Senate elections in the United States to be held on November 6, some states are considering receiving donations in cryptocurrencies for the campaigns. Oregon is one of them, and they are currently analyzing the financing option in Bitcoins.

In recent statements, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson indicated that he will propose changes to the administrative rules concerning the financing of political campaigns in order to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

Regarding the strength that cryptocurrencies have gained for various transactions, Richardson stressed that Oregon must adapt to the new scenario they pose, especially in terms of donations as an innovative way to expand participation in elections. In this case, the cryptocurrencies will be treated as contributions of stocks.

Edwin Bender, executive director of the National Currency Institute was optimistic and pointed out that currently the digital currencies have reached a high degree of confidence on the part of the public. He added that the idea of ​​considering them for donations in electoral contests deserves to be studied.

States like Missouri and New Hampshire are some of those that support the opening towards cryptocurrencies. However, there are other entities, such as Kansas, where they have been totally prohibited.


Source: EastOregonian

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