OpenAI will revolutionize artificial intelligence with an open source model

The company is working on an artificial intelligence model, as revealed by several reports

OpenAI is developing an open source artificial intelligence model, according to reports. The company, known for its popular chatbot ChatGPT, decided to take this step in response to increasing competition from open source AI models, such as those launched by Meta in February, according to a source quoted in an article published in The Information on May 16.

Although an exact date for the release of the model has not been announced, it is speculated that OpenAI’s open source model will not be as competitive as its main product, ChatGPT. This is because OpenAI derives its value primarily by selling access to more advanced models.

In early May, a document written by Luke Sernau, a senior software engineer at Google, was leaked highlighting the threat that open source AI models posed to Google’s AI efforts.

According to Sernau, while Google was competing with OpenAI, open source AI models were advancing rapidly and significantly without attracting much attention.

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Source: TV Azteca

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