Noplace on top of free apps in the Apple App Store

Social media users now have a new product, Noplace, which sits between MySpace and X. It is the most downloaded of the list of free applications in the Apple App Store

Social media users in the United States have shown their preference for the new Noplace application, which tops the list of the most downloaded free applications in the Apple App Store.

Why is Noplac attractive? Its creators, focused particularly on a young audience, emphasize the desire to connect people with shared interests. “With its colorful and customizable profiles, the app is somewhat reminiscent of a prehistoric social network that is practically forgotten today: Myspace.”

Users of this new social network have the possibility of sharing all types of content, “from their sentimental situation to what they are listening to, watching, reading or doing.”

Behind Noplace is the San Francisco-based company Islands XYZ. Initially, the application worked by invitation and is now public. Tiffany Zhong, founder and CEO of Islands Everything has become very uniform”, alluding to the fact that Noplace seeks to rescue the magic of social networks, providing “spaces where people can follow your friends and also find people with similar interests to your own.”

In profiles, it is possible to add tags about the user’s personality, their hobbies and their followers. The platform includes the Top 10 Friends section, which has many similarities with a function once present on Myspace. However, at the moment it does not support photos or videos.

Noplace offers two feeds: “one in which the user is confronted with updates from their circle of friends” and another global one for updates from all users on the network. They follow a reverse chronological order, and so far they are all public.

Users with an iOS system can download it for free, and in the web version only in reading mode.


Source: marketingdirecto

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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