Netflix tests its new cover and redesign

Netflix's home page shows the redesign that the platform is testing to offer the user a more predictive, faster and pleasant experience

Netflix is ​​testing the redesign of its home page on a preselected group of users, which replaces static tiles with predictive dynamics to improve the user experience.

The study period, according to The Verge, includes several new features “that make the main home of the application less static.” When the remote control is placed on the icons or boxes, they expand, adding dynamism to the process.

To announce this change in the functionality of the Netflix home page, the platform shows “a trailer and more information at the top of the interface when you hover over it.”

This is a redesign that simplifies the presentation, so that all information to the user is presented more prominently.

“Just like today, when you land on a title, a trailer will start playing and below the box, you will find all the information about a title, including its synopsis, the year it was released, the number of episodes and its genre,” they have indicated.

The changes, according to Pat Flemming, senior product manager at Netflix, are aimed at making it easier for users at home to determine if a title is appropriate for them.

Regarding the new menu, this section reduces some of the previous options on the left side, including the Categories, New and Popular and My List tabs, although My Netflix is ​​added.

At the end of the tests, the comments and evaluations of the preselected clients will be analyzed to establish if it is extended to the rest of the users.


Source: digitaltrends

(Reference image source: Venti Views in Unsplash)

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